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Canada Alberta Local Cloud Archive and Backup Storage

Basic Alberta Cloud Data Storage for Backup and Archival.

What is Data Expert Cloud Storage?
Our Cloud Storage is simple, fast, and affordable cloud object storage. There are no archival or warm storage tiers to deal with–it’s just one tier of highly secure, low-latency storage that’s as fast or faster than the hyperscalers’ most expensive frequent-access tiers, yet priced cheaper to what you’d expect to pay for slower archive storage. This makes our storage the ideal storage target for a wide variety of use cases, from active archives to offsite backups, to hybrid cloud storage. This can be used for business and home data backup for cheaper price. We do not have backup of this storage at this moment and we provide cheapest price in Canada for this type data storage service.

Coming Soon.....

24/7 uptime - Business storage for professional and corporations

We provide local cloud storage for business and small companies.
Calgary local data center.

Speed Up to 2 gigabits! Unlimited transfer.

Here price for cloud storage up to 100 TB

1. 100GB Data Storage space $FREE for one year.

1. 500GB Data Storage  $3 per month

1. 1TB  Data Storage  $5 Per month

1. 10TB Data Storage $45 Per month

1. 100TB Data Storage $400 Per month
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