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ACE LAB PC-3000 PORTABLE III Description and Price


   Starting from the middle of June the PC-3000 Portable lll will not be produced anymore, only PC-3000 Portable PRO will be available for purchase.

   All the updates both for Portable lll and Portable PRO will be released constantly and simultaneously.

Pc3000 Portable the most universal data recovery systems for any type of storage media devices: HDD, NVMe/SATA, SAS, SCSI SSD, RAID, NAND Flash drives.

4-port controller, 3 HDD/SSD/RAID members. Write protection.

3 SATA/1 USB ports
with speed up to 490 MB/SEC
Fast imaging drives + SATA/USB

Can be connected to the PC-3000 Portable at the same time. The total number of connected RAID members can be increased with motherboard ports and image files. A special jumper on the device blocks any alteration of data during the extraction or imaging with SATA 0 and USB ports.

PC-3000 Portable III System is a hardware-software solution intended for diagnostics, repair and data recovery from almost all storage media devices. Together with the ACE Lab’s software products and adapters, PC3000 Portable III forms the systems to recover evidence from SATA/PATA/USB HDD, RAID and NVMe/SATA SSD both in the lab and on-site:
►PC-3000 Portable System (PC-3000 Portable + Data Extractor
►PC-3000 Portable RAID System (PC-3000 Portable + Data Extractor
Portable RAID Edition)
►PC-3000 Portable SSD System (PC-3000 Portable + Data Extractor
Portable + PC-3000 SSD)
►PC-3000 Portable Ultimate System (PC-3000 Portable + Data Extractor
Portable RAID Edition + PC-3000 SSD)

Size: 15,35 х 8,4 х 4,65 cm.
No need for a host computer to diagnose, image and erase drives. Automatic check-up of the drives’ condition and generation of reports about it. Almost all daily cases with logically damaged HDDs can be solved with a few buttons.
The world’s first and only tool to recover data from DAMAGED M.2 PCIe NVMe SSDs.*
The highest success rates of data recovery no matter how difficult the case is.
Easy and reliable connection of USB HDD/SSD. Support of logically damaged NAND Flash drives and SD/micro SD cards.

Pc3000 Portable III


   PC3000 Portable BASE version for HDD only MSRP Price $11000+  (USD)
Full bundle kit with all features price $21 000+ (USD)
   Price depend what configuration you choose, adapters, and kit.
Possible PC3000 Portable III Configuration
For Hard Drives only, +SSD, +NVME, +RAID EDITION, + SAS

   Attention! Prices will be increases in May 2023 by 10%

   To get a complete full price list for equipment and spare parts, service and support from ACE for all PC3000 equipment sent  us an email at:

   We provide huge discount for all our members and partners who already bought ACE lab equipment's and use our support from us in the past 10 years.

1. All our data recovery member and partners will have 20% discount to buy new products.

2. All our data recovery member and partners will have 40% for upgrade existing data recovery PC3000 UDMA or EXPRESS systems.

   For our partners we have later delayed payment up to 6 month.
We provide 1 month free evaluation period. You can order any data recovery tools and system and use one month for try ACElab tools first.
   You can decline use PC3000 any time without any obligation and fee and then return it back to us. You pay only for shipping.
   This promotion only for Canada and US customers and members.
   Also we provide free courses, deep training and cutting edge service manuals how to achieve best result in data recovery with PC3000.

For orders trial one month version, partners prices and discounts please contact to us.

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