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PC-3000 Support Plus B2B Service

   In This Section, We provide support to our friends, members, business partners, colleague's.
   We help to recover data in those difficult cases when it is not possible to do it using utilities and programs on the market like PC3000, MRT, ATOLA, DOLFIN, DEEPSPAR, or other equipment. We can help remotely, show how to, and provide documents, software, solution for data recovery and download some plugins and tools from our FTP account service lab.

   Below you will find Plugins, programs and utilities that allow you to work with new modern models of hard drives that are not supported in the standard PC3000 package.
   For our clients, we offer software solutions for working with WD,  Seagate and Toshiba hard drives that can be used in conjunction with PC3000. So, for example, a Software to unlock WD PCB tech mode for access to the service area will be very useful when working with a PC3000. You no longer need to seek for a compatible Sata board and after unlock access to service area possible read data use USB connector.

   We also provide donor discs drives and parts that are very rare and difficult to find, and we also select donors for you depending on the installed heads so that donors are 100% compatible.

We provide parts and donors devices  for hard drive, SSDs memory cards. For obtain correct heads need only need to provide us a serial number to search for a donor drive for you. We will ship it same day. We have new heads from manufacture so price for one heads unit usually $10-15 for harr drive up to 4 TB. For hard drives from 6 and up to 22 TB prices very vary depend of hard drive model but still affordable and cheaper than buy whole hard drive.

In our database and library we have:

1 Seagate service kit utility, database, parts and plugins, firmware, engineering soft.
2 .WD service tools for unlock WD PCB board, database, parts ordering, firmware.
3. SanDisk memory cards and SSD, datasheet, diagrams, parts, software.
4. Toshiba hard drive software, datasheets, schematic, parts order, database.
5. Hitachi based hard drive service manual and software
6. Table list of heads, preamp and firmware compatibility.
7. Table list for logic board PCB compatibility and compare for using with drives.
8. For  helium sealed hard drive developed process and tools for data recovery.
9. SSD. Samsung 840, 850, 860, 870, 8xx series unlock software and firmware correction tools.
10. SanDisk SSD, WD SSD diagnostic software library for NVME and SATA.
11. New Seagate 2.0 software solution for unlock access to firmware.

   All new Seagate locked with new different algorithm from 2022. We get solution to temporary or permanently unlock Seagate with locked firmware to work with hard drive for data recovery purposes. For example you have locked Seagate Rosewood ( FW:EB01), V11, M11, M15 and other and can't get access to ROM to unlock it. Even terminal not responding.
  We help to unlock hard drive with new locked algorithm manufactured after mid 2022. 
We provide you software or remote unlocking.
  To get solution please login to your account and download small Seagate software.
You will need internet access to use this soft.

For access to full data recovery library account please use our FTP connection:


Contact us for obtain password in case if you forgot your password:

   The Pc3000 data Recovery system is a good modern tool for use in business like computer repair service and data recovery. PC3000 designed for entry-level or intermediate-level specialists. But in professional laboratories of a high level of data recovery service, usually used software written for a certain type of storage device and a certain model of hard drives and SSD. With such software help, you can restore data even from damaged hard disk surfaces or from degraded memory chips, many models are most fully supported and the necessary data can be restored most completely. If you have more than 20 years of experience in the field of data recovery and electronic engineering degree and experience, we will provide you with access to factory documentation and manufacturer's programs. For our partners for access to additional plugins, schematic, software and help please contact our support.
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