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(1 month free encrypted internal storage server)
FREE warranty hard drive replacement for Western Digitall, Sandisk, Hitachi, Toshiba, and Seagate.
FASTEST turnaround time in industry for service:
(on demand cases are completed in just 2 hours -1 days).
24/7 overnight and weekend data recovery services available.
AFFORDABLE prices. We are one of the cheapest and best services in Canada.
FREE DATA RECOVERY SERVICE by the request of the manufacture, insurance ETC.
LEADER in data recovery all RAIDs, QNAP, NAS, Storage Servers, SATA, SAS, U.2, Hard Drives, Apple devices,  Any computer flash memory, Memory cards .
LEADER in data retrieval from Monolithic, nanochip, solid crystal NAND, CF, CFAST, Thunderbolt and USB flash memory devices.
WORLD CLASS data recovery solution, technology and services with hi-eng equipped lab.
EXPERIENCED Certified professional technicians (over 30 years).
CUSTOM Tailored unique recovery cutting edge solutions.
UNIQUE Technologies from USA, China, Russia, Israel and Ukraine.
SPECIAL Solution for criminal forensic investigations.
HIGH END tools, program, and technology from Seagate, Sandisk, Toshiba,  and Western Digital plants and manufacture.
We use documentation,equipment and tools provided by manufacturers of hard drives, memory card, SSD and NAND flash devices around the world. We also sell data recovery tools and solutions.
LOCAL TRUE LAB LOCATION:Main Lab located in Alberta Calgary and Vancouver BC.


About Us and Our Service

   We are engaged in the fact that we can recover data from most variants and brands the media storage devices like:
   Any type RAIDs 0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 10, 50, 60 and combinations, variants and other with high numbers of drives even up to 64 drives in RAID, all NAS, DAS, QNAP, FREENAS, Software NAS, Synology, Drobo, Apple RAID, DELL, HP, Apple, MAC, VMWARE, LVM, LVM2, LDM, Thin and thick RAID volume client. ROC RAIDs, Virtual machine and other. All type file systems. These are also data retrieval service from storage servers and big companies storages. Also we can fix hard drives for data recovery process, replace them if it under warranty and recover data from all brands and line of personal computers Apple mac or Microsoft Surface, laptop, desktop, and devices OS based and brands like: Apple, Windows, Linux, Unix, Freenas, Drobo.
   Hard Disk Drives, HDD: Also if you have hard drive separated or with external connection storage devices we also can recover data from any USB, Thunderbolt, Type-C, SATA, SAS, PCI-E, m.2, u.2, Fibre Channel and many others.
   Solid State drives SSD:  Any Solid satre devices external and internal like M.2, U.2, NVME, SAS, SATA.
With main controller CPU Sandforce, Micron, Silicon Motion and others.
   Flash memory Based Devices: We can also recover valuable information from flash pen drives and memory card slike TF cards, CF, CFast, MMC, EMMC, mSD, SD, USB, memory Stick, TF cards, monolithic and monocrystal flash cards, and cards with the integrated or embedded controllers. Also we can restore data from modern standards like CompactFlash or CFast cards, XQD memory cards. We work with Sandisk, A-data Kingston, Transcend, OCZ, Toshiba, Samsung, Intel and other memory cards, We have experience of 30 years and we can help there where other companies are power less.
   Second attempt cases: We always provide high quality of data recovery service, higher than our competitors or even we can repeat badly made work (second attempt) and we can recover more data from device. Evaluation on all stages of work is free, even does not depend of the number of hard drives and devices, second attempt evaluation also free. We have local powerful lab in Calgary Alberta with clean room class 10. We have free turn around shipping service and free pickup in Calgary. Feel free send us your device for free evaluation. No any pitfalls, surprise and hided fee no shadow payment and covered condition. Everything completely clear! Look at our prices here. You pay only when our job finished. Call us for free consultation if you have any questions.
   Data Recovery from other old devices. Data Recovery Expert provides data recovery from rear, old, various electronic devices such as:
Drone, Camera, Go-pro, Flight Box Recorder logger, Action Camera, DVR, PVR.
   Apple MAC IOS RAID data recovery data transfer from old and broken computer and hard drive storages.
   If you have an old Apple Mac pro, Air computer that no longer works or the hard drive in your Apple laptop or external Lacie or G-drive device is not recognized or does not give data back, we can copy all your information to another hard drive. We can also replace your old hard drive with a new SSD type one and you can use your Apple computer again and now it will work 10 times faster. We provide backup of data from your Apple device and backup time machine restoration.
   CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, HD DVD, We can restore data from scratched, damaged and non readable CD, DVD, Blu-Ray disks.
   FDD Floppy disks: 1.44, 1.2, WE can transfer corruption and damaged floppy dive and restore data from it.
   LTO 2,3,4,5,6,7,8, DLT and other type Tapes, We can read tape crtridges and recover data from it.
   We also prpvide Back Up Solution, Any Video Files Repair, Forensic Video Service, DVR, Voice recorder, Data Media restoration, Digital data transfer, data transfer from VHS, SVHS, DV Tapes to Digital with post production. We scan negatives and transfer it to digital with correction and post production.
   Microsoft Servers, Computer, Workstation Data Migration and Database recovery Service. We can repair, rebuild and restore almost any data base from corporate storage or accounting computers and data servers.
We can restore Quick book, SAGE, VMWARE, SQL, Simply Software accounting, Virtual machine, Virtual hard drive VHD, Backup Data Base, and many other.
   Analog old media S-VHS, mini DV, Betamax, PAL, NTSC, Slides, Negatives to Digital Transfer, Recovery, and Restoration service.
We can transfer and scan your film reel and slides 8mm, 35 mm, 70mm, 120mm and all other. Also we can transfer your old (S)-VHS(-C): PAL, SECAM ,NTSC, international, Betamax, and miniDV cassettes to Full HD or 4K upscale format with color correction and post production. We can beat any other quality!
Bring us tapes for free sample!
   Calgary Local Best SEO optimisation services. We provide SEO services for small and large business in Canada. You want get more customers and put your web on 1st page in Google? Welcome. We guaranteed or it is free. We are true local Calgary company and do not hire people from other countries.

Check our sale for data carriers of a good unbeatable price! We sell hard drive, USB drives, SSD, Solid State Drives, Memory Cards, Flash drives.
For more info and media prices visit here

   We repair computer, laptop, storage, we do any upgrade service. That's much easier than data recovery and we can do it better than other because we have big experience.
   We also providing computer and laptop hard drive HDD to SSD replacement, HDD and SSD upgrade, data migration, data transfer, data transfer from damaged and broken hard drives, Any computer works with computer and laptop repair. Call us and ask if you have any questions and issues with computers.
   We have service laboratory direct location and fast turnaround time in such cities :

   1.   Calgary Downtown. Main Receiving center. Data Recovery Powerful Lab

   2.   Calgary Center Near Chinook mall, Acadia place local lab

   3.   Calgary North West. computer repair and Local Central Data Recovery Powerful Lab.

   4.   Calgary South. Drop off location for Calgary main laboratory.

   5.   Valcouver. Local Data Recovery Service.

   6.   Edmonton. On demand local fast RAID recovery, Business emergency service, and free shipping to Calgary main data recovery lab.

   7.   Los Angeles. Only drop off location and free shipping to Calgary Central Laboratory.

   8.   New York Place. Local data recovery lab partner.

  We are always the best combination of price value and quality of service near your place.

Our Laboratory
Latest News

  Youtube channel started. Now we will post many interesting data recovery cases and we will review tools and equipment for data recovery also we'll show solved cases after competitors. Join us!

  Data erased, wiped, destroyed after factory reset in WD my book Live and Live DUO NAS network device by hackers.
   WD says that the data loss appears to be the result of “malicious software,” on any My Book Live or My Book Live Duo owners.

   We sucessfully restored many our customer devices. We can restore your data even for free with WD partner or reference programm.
Also we have regular fixed price service for price $350+ GST per device.

  We are planning a long vacation for our company. The offices will be closed for modernization, equipment upgrade and staff training in the period
June - September. Please keep your devices until September and then we can help you recover data from them.
E-mails will work and we will only respond to your messages by email. You can call us in case if you need to recover something urgently.

We now have available hard drives 8,12,14,18 TB. Due to the fact that they are bought for CHIA mining, we stopped selling them and left them to our regular customers who need to rewrite data for a server or a very large volume. We have some hard drive in stock for everyone it WD 8 TB My Book with 3 year warranty. Buy it here.

We stop support, sale and delivering QNAP devices to our customers due to a large number of equipment failures and crashes. QNAP devices are considered to be unreliable. Instead of QNAP devices, we offer a more reliable SYNOLOGY storage and backup solution. We provide support and data recovery from these devices. We sell them like autorized partner. Our price now cheaper than in any computer store.  

We express our deep gratitude to the Province of Alberta, the University of Calgary, the Royal Queen Elizabeth Court of Justice, the Yukon City Hall, the Revenue Service of Canada, the Alberta Department of Investigation and other organizations for their enormous contribution to the development of our business, which provided us with general financial assistance and donations for the development and renovation of the data recovery laboratory and data recovery services totaling over $ 200,000 in the past year. Now we have become even better and more equipped!

We received documentation on the new Google algorithm December 2020. Now we can bring you to the top on the first page and make your business more profitable. The documentation and software download link can be obtained by writing to us at support. Read more about SEO HERE

08-27-2020  Data
Data Recovery Expert Service connected to data recovery service alliance and now introduce support any data recovery protection certificates and insurance. Now we can retrieve data for free if you have data recovery protection plan from any computer builders like Asus, Dell, Lenovo, MSI, Microsoft Surface. Apple, Samsung, Seagate, WD and also if you have insurance. You can come to us for a free data recovery service.

Last 3 month we have many sucess cases in our lab with USB portable 2.5'' devices with capacity 4-5TB. We got agreement with Seagate manufacture and get access to all parts and datasheet documentation database. So now we are best company who can retrieve data from modern Seagate 5-20 Tb hard drives because we have hardware tools and connection to Seagate manufacture and developer's  team.

During Corona virus, COVID-19, we announced free pick-up and free drop-off in Calgary and 30 KM Calgary area, and Airdrie, Cochraine, free shipping both ways across Canada and USA, free evaluation and no obligation at all.

PlayStation 4 PRO was dropped and hard drive was damaged. In our lab we develop method how to crack encryption and retrieve all data from Play Station 4. We successfully retrieved data from broken hard drive in PlayStation4. We developed hack solution and now we can install any game to internal hard drive and transfer or clone user profile to new PS4. Also possible use USB flash for uploading games from any USB device and copy game from DISK to USB. So Playstation4 hacked. Actually it was developed most for data recovery process.

We installed anti Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) protection equipment in our office which can destroy any virus in 1-2 meters around people. It works with air and direct surface cleaning. It helps to protect customer service, staff and engineers in the our office and lab from any new virus coming. People with viruses? Not a problem! We can decontaminate them.

Check our Privacy Policy. We always store the data of our customers at a high level of security and never transfer any data to third parties under any circumstances..

Update/Upgrade your OS from Windows 7,8, 8.1 to New Windows 10 for free! Pay only for labor $90+ tax. Usually same day service/ 24 hours service. Possible group and bulk update, business upgrade. Call us for more information or if you have extra questions.

New RAID best data recovery price available. Cheapest price in industry. Now possible copy data from broken NAS device, or any storage for only $150 per drive.
Call us for more information and price understanding.

Data Transfer ,Migration from old computer, laptop, from old Apple OS, Windows 95, 98, XP, Vista, Windows 7,8 to same old or updated new computer to new OS Windows 10 FOR FREE!  We can hold all job with computer upgrade and SSD upgrade. Call us and we can upgrade your old computer to a new one with data migration. It work such like you will have all your password, settings, licenses and programms at the same place. User cloning features. Possible RAID, QNAP, NAS and any server migration, We can update any computer or any device and replace old hard drive to Solid State Drive.

   16-11-2019  We are ready for restore data from any Seagate hard drive up to 20 Terabyte.
We've got new Seagate data recovery service program, equipment and manuals.
We are the one and first in Alberta who can retrieve data from such huge volume and capacity hard drives.
No one can help ? Second attempt for Seagate drives? No problem!
Call us we will help you for sure! 

Introduced  FREE DATA RECOVERY SERVICE. We can retrieve data for absolutely FREE in case at the request of the media manufacturers or in case of insurance. Free data recovery service as donation, charity, and for low income people now suspended due to large volumes of urgent work in this year.

We are started business in search optimization service in Google. SEO. We can bring your business to the first page and increase the number of customers in your business. call us for more information. Click here for more about best SEO Calgary serevices

Opened anew  location in Los Angeles California. Last year we had many cases which people want recover from USA. Most of them from California. Now we can provide better service for our customers in USA. Welcome! Our doors always open for everyone. Here for more info

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