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The second attempt service is provided if your hard drive or SSD could not be recovered in the previous data recovery service and you were told that recovery was not possible, you were not provided with a full report on the work, or you were told a high price for data recovery.
   Attention! We know all the big companies, businesses, and all the best engineers who recover data and we sell equipment and advanced technologies for data recovery. If you want to contact any data recovery company in your region, ask us about the rating and level of knowledge of these engineers and we can recommend you the best specialists in your city.
   Do not contact companies for data recovery service who may just try to copy of repair something in your media, replace spare parts and finally ruin your device completely for you. Check who and which engineer is working with your hard drive and check their certification and education level.
   Did you know that if many companies cannot recover data, and in some cases you still have a chance to recover data in our lab or even get more recovered data than after previous lab, and maybe even repair corrupted or incorrectly recovered data?  
   Moreover, it can be done even cheaper than competitors' companies!
We do not raise prices for the second attempt after some of our partners who send hard drives to us! 

  In some cases other regular data recovery companies have said you data cannot be recovered, or it very expensive for you. However we will try reevaluate it, compare price or to recover it from beginning, with better result, or for cheaper price. We have around 30-40 % success rate on second attempt cases in data recovery field, this rate one of the highest in world!

  Second Attempt means that the firmware of hard drive was changed, lost, modified, it was connected to data recovery equipment and attempt reading was tried and hard drive damaged completely, hard drive cover or device has been opened in another laboratory or computer store for deep evaluation and then declined recover data from it. You received report with unsuccessful result from first evaluation. For hard drive the hermetic seal is broken and damaged parts may have been replaced. Tampering is an additional complication and further work is necessary.

  Now next is the most important thing about the data recovery business: The main problem is that many companies do not want to deal with complex cases and usually deliberately damage devices so that no one can recover data after them. Just as simply they are not interested in restoring complex cases. Data recovery possible in most cases but big data recovery business services they not want to spend so much time for fix hard drive or for research how to do it. Come to us for a completely free second attempt evaluation and we will check and provide you full report why it is unrecoverable, why it expensive and we will provide you full evaluation report absolutely without any charge! Second opinion always make sense.


   Second attempt cases with very high damages, soldering, resoldered, overheated,  and unrecoverable cases, reattempt to restore data from cellphones, hard drives, SSD, Hybrid drives, memory cards, RAID, NAS, Apple iMAC, MAC OS, Windows, and other devices very complicated which was declined for data recovery process or deemed like unrecoverable in other data recovery laboratories. Some devices possible retrieve if no one can retrieve data from in Canada and USA.


   We can beat the price of data recovery after our secondary evaluation after some companies by 20 or even 30%, because the prices for their services are so high! If the hard drive top cover was opened and the diagnostics was already performed, the price doubles or even triples! If the data could not be recovered in previous lab, the data recovery price starts from $2000 and can be increased if several companies tried to recover the data. We have conditions for free data recovery that we can provide to some of our customers of choice.

   But we charge a small fee for the second attempt data recovery of $500-600 after the recommendation of our partners who have been working with us for a long time and we can even do it for free, depending on the circumstances.

We can beat the price of data recovery after a secondary evaluation after some companies by 10 or even 30% percent, the prices for their services are so high!


Business to Business (B2B) partners fixed price for other data Recovery companies who have connection with us $800 + TAX (fixed, parts & donors included)

Logical cases starts from $1200 up to 2000 + TAX

Other difficult cases starts from $4000-xxxxx + TAX  (parts & donors included)

Price per one damaged device.

Please call us, send picture and report from other data recovery lab, explain what happened and we will provide more accurate price and we will provide completely free second attempt evaluation even for second or third attempt. We can provide you full information why it was not recovered in first lab who already tried.

Data recovery Speed:

Turnaround time 10-15 business days - regular price
Turnaround time 4-8 business days - + 50% to regular price
Turnaround time 24 hours-2 business days - +100 %regular price

   The time to complete the work can be 2-3 times faster if we can make it easier during the process of reading data, or it may take longer if we will need to order spare parts or develop a special recovery technology specifically for your device, and this especially applies to cases of repeated data recovery, second opinion cases, or data recovery after other companies were unable to restore your data.
(second attempt cases)


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