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WD my book live duo data recovery
   WD My Book and WD my book Live network storage,
once you might find your drive’s data completely wiped by network attack!

Some IT support companies says malicious software appears to be erasing your data and triggered factory reset option! Result clean hard drive.

   If you own a WD My Book Live NAS, you should immediately disconnect it from your network — users have discovered that their data has seemingly been deleted off the device, with no action on their part.
In a post on its community forum, WD says that the data loss appears to be the result of “malicious software,” and advises any My Book Live or My Book Live Duo owners to disconnect their devices from the internet to protect their data.

   Some users on WD’s forum report that their devices appear to have been factory reset, while others report seeing a page requesting a password they don’t know. Password and login usually it is ADMIN and ADMIN

   In most cases, those who have been affected say that all of the data on the device appears to be gone, with their file structure either remaining intact, but with empty folders, or no folders at all except the ones that come by default on the device.

HERE more information about WD My Book Live DUO incendent

  Data recovery Expert can restore your data in this case. It is regular logical problem and all data still on hard drive.
Possible use journal and catalog file to rebuild whole file structure with partition.

We use software application direct connection SSH or network WD hard drive scanner for data recovery special for WD My book live hard drives.

Price in this case:

1.Free - with coupon from WD manufacture or from distributors or authorized computer store.

2. $350 Per case in regular data recovery.

Questions - welcome
We provide free logical data recovery services for Costco members.
Valid only with data recovery coupon from Costco store.
And we provide discound 10% for all other regular and severe damages.

We do not provide free pick up and delivery for this promotion.
Questions? Do not hesitate call us.

Promotion Valid FOR REGISTERED Costco members.
Not include complicated RAIDs and physical, water and fire damage cases.
Upgrade ssd

REPLACEMENT ANY OLD HDD TO ANY NEW SSD  for your computer and laptop.

Black Friday deal. Based on manufacture advertisement and promotion.

You have pay only for SSD and  $50 installation service + GST.

How it works:
We will remove your old hard drive and recycle it and will install brand new in your computer or laptop.
You pay only for labor and SSD black Friday price, all other service is free. Check this out below.

What included:
1. New SSD 500 GB. Choose brand: A-Data, WD, Sandisk, Crucial, Micron, Samsung. All with 3 years warranty.
2. Free computer or laptop disassembly.
3. Free data transfer migration service.
3. Free data migration from old hard drive.
4. Free SSD installation to your computer
6. Free your device assembly.
5. Hardware / software testing optimization for fast work with SSD.
5. Free antivirus scan. and free 30 day antivirus trial installation.

We do not provide free pick up and delivery for this promotion.
You can order more size SSD if you want. Up to 8 TB.
Questions - welcome

Promotion Valid from November 20 till December 31 , 2020
Data Recovery Price Beat Canada

Why we can beat all data recovery quotes? Because:

1. We develop our own data recovery equipment so we don't need to buy it.
2. We do not have the extra advertising costs and high rent.
3. We buy spare parts directly from the factory at low prices.
4. Good teamwork allows us to lower the price and make it the lowest in Canada.

ATTENTION! If the previous company could not recover the data or damaged the device in an attempt to do the wrong process, then the price will be higher because it counts as a second attempt and costs more.

Valid for level 0 till level 3 of our main price list.

We do not provide free pick up and delivery for this promotion.
Questions? Do not hesitate call us.

Promotion Valid FOR REGISTERED CASES from DECEMBER 10  till December 28 , 2020
Not include complicated RAIDs and physical , water and fire damage cases.


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